Berlin Conference on Waste Management and Energy

  Professor Quicker and research assistants in front of the conference building Copyright: © TEER

On April 24th and 25th, the BKAWE 2023 took place in Berlin under the scientific leadership of Professor Quicker. Our chief engineer Kevin Carl and four other TEER research assistants attended.

"The Berlin Conference on Waste Management and Energy is the largest specialist event at the interface of waste treatment and energy in the German-speaking world and enables an intensive exchange with opinion leaders, experts and decision-makers."

Professor Quicker kicked off the event on April 24th by presenting the topic of carbon management in the waste industry of the future and opened the event with his talk on the " Planned Carbon Economy - Requirements for the Circular Economy of the Future".

Once again, it became clear that carbon management will play a key role on the transformation path to a climate-neutral and circular economy. TEER looks forward to tackling the challenges together with policy makers, industry and NGOs.

Many thanks to all participants of BKAWE 2023 for the lively discussions and interesting presentations! The TEER would also like to thank vivis - Thomé-Kozmiensky Verlag GmbH for organizing the event. See you next year!