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Kirsten Stark

Research Group Leader Waste


+49 241 80 90718



Thermal waste treatment is the unit's central research area. In addition to conventional municipal wastes, we focus monofractions such as sewage sludge, hazardous waste, scrap wood and special materials as nanomaterials and carbon fiber reinforced plastics, short CRP. The main focus is on the entire process chain of classical combustion processes. Adjacent to the actual combustion process, investigations are also carried out, for example, with regard to ash removal and flue gas cleaning. These studies are often carried out in close cooperation with industrial partners in large-scale plants.

Another focus of our work is the treatment of residues or waste by means of sub-stoichiometric thermochemical processes. Application-related research concepts are used, for example, to investigate the recovery of valuable substances from waste in pyrolytic processes, both in terms of necessary process engineering and the physical or chemical preparatory and post-processing of the primary and secondary raw materials. The properties of the feedstocks or the different product phases can be analyzed in our laboratories and compared with the respective requirements.


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