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Matthias Schnell

Research Group Leader Biomass


+49 241 80 90718



The research focuses on the thermochemical treatment of biogenic agricultural, forestry and organic residues such as sewage sludge, fermentation residues, residual wood, and straw. Main topics of the working group are the production of biochar as well as the thermal treatment of sewage sludge.

The production of biochar via pyrolysis, using raw and residual materials which have a high biomass potential, serves both raw material as well as process engineering research and optimization. In addition to the manufacturing process itself and the optimization of product properties, the focus also lies on the analysis of biochar. The main applications being investigated are biochar as a substitute for fossil fuels, for example as reducing agents in industrial processes or for soil improvement in agriculture.

In thermal treatment of sewage sludge, the entire process chain is part of the research - from drying over the actual incineration process to the separation of sewage sludge ash and the flue gas cleaning. Phosphorus recycling is of particular interest here, for example achieving a direct increase in the quality of the ashes produced by further development and optimization of the incineration process.

In addition to the execution of practical research projects, engineering planning tasks, the preparation of feasibility studies as well as expert opinions for process and procedure evaluation are a main focus of the working group. An overview of TEER's range of activities in this area can be found under Services.


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