Research Projects



Development of a biochar-based fertilizer


CFC – CarbonFibreCycle

Release behaviour and toxicity during thermal and mechanical treatment


CF Pyro

Material and energy recovery of waste containing carbon fibres in pyrometallurgy


Forschungskolleg ACCESS!

Transformation paths to sustainable mobility


Forschungskolleg Verbund.NRW

Composites in Construction - From Resource Efficiency to Validated Sustainability



Demonstration of solvent and resin production from lignocellulosic biomass via the platform chemical levulinic acid


Hybrid Particle Filter for Biomass Boilers

Development of a combined filter for the reduction of particle emissions from biomass furnaces



Process intensification and flexibilisation of a dry fermentation plant operated with biowaste through the biological methanisation of hydrogen-rich synthesis gases


Network circular economy

Building a transdisciplinary network for circular economy



Methodical investigation of thermal processes for the disposal of carbon fibre reinforced plastics


Refoplan EvKK

Evaluation of available capacities for thermal sewage sludge treatment and phosphorus recycling



Absorption of acetous flue gases with calcium hydroxide at temperatures above 200 °C



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Utilization concept for energy self-sufficient and resource-saving wastewater treatment plants: Integrated sewage sludge and sewer gas utilization; Subproject: Applied investigation of decentralised sewage sludge incineration in a fluidization furnace for solid fuels