Field Trip to Würselen's Fermentation Plant: Exploring the World of Bioenergy

  Field trip group picture Copyright: © TEER

Students of the "Bioenergie" course recently embarked on an educational field trip to the fermentation plant in Würselen. Organized by research assistants Alexandra Brautlacht and Safa Baazaoui, the excursion aimed to provide firsthand knowledge of bioenergy production. Joseph Stiller, the area manager, guided the 15 students through the plant, explaining its operations. They learned about fermentation, the process that converts organic matter into biogas—a renewable energy source. The students observed the diverse organic materials processed and had a look at the fermentation tanks where microorganisms produced biogas. The students also learned about compostation and common interfering substances in the biogenic waste streams. The field trip left the students inspired and motivated to contribute to the field of bioenergy and work towards a greener future.


A few impressions