Presentation at the German Environmental Aid


On May 16, our research assistant Lisa Feikus presented the results of the TeToxBeScheit project at the expert meeting for air pollution control of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (German Environmental Aid) under the title "Pollutant-specific and toxicological evaluation of the emission-reduction performance of catalysts and electrostatic precipitators for logwood stoves". The presentation focused on the potential of electrostatic precipitators and catalysts in the abatement of ultra-fine particles, PAHs and VOCs. In the discussion, the attendants emphasized the potential of retrofit solutions.

In addition to research projects, the current political situation regarding air pollution control at the EU level was a major topic in the session. Unfortunately, the event had to switch to an online format at short notice, nevertheless a lively exchange took place. Many thanks to the organizers from Deutsche Umwelthilfe!