NRW Forschungskollegs Verbund.NRW and ACCESS! start second funding period


The two Forschungskollegs Verbund.NRW and ACCESS! funded by the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia have started their second funding period at the beginning of the year. In the Kollegs doctoral students of different departements research innovative and future-oriented subjects in inter- and trans-disciplinary ways.

The Forschungskolleg Verbund.NRW works in collaboration with the FH Münster on the validation of selected multifunctional fiber- and multilayered composites based on concrete practical case studies. In consideration of the entire life cycle it is assessed when and how a sustainable application for composite systems is possible. The Kolleg is managed and coordinated by the TEER in cooperation with Sabine Flamme, professor for ressource-, material flow- and infrastructure-management at the FH Münster.

In the Forschungskolleg ACCESS! transformative paths towards a sustainable mobility are examined. Supervised and coordinated by the Chair for Operations Management doctoral candidates from 11 professorships at the RWTH Aachen will examine the technical, infrastructural and organisational opportunities for the implementation of a sustainable mobility. The city-region of Aachen including the district of Heinsberg will serve as a model region.

For both Forschungskollegs the second funding period has now begun in the form of a digital internal kick-off meeting between the directorship and the doctoral students. The Kollegs will receive about 2.2 million euros in funding respectively for a project runtime of three and a half years.