Development of Innovative Procedures for the Recovery of Selected Resources from Landfills


Landfill sites with municipal waste and slags have a considerable resource potential. With resource demand growing worldwide, the possibility of its usage is debated increasingly. Previous dismantling projects of landfill sites were initiated primary to reduce environmentally harmful leachate emissions and for alternative land use.

The goal of the project beginning in August 2012 was a holistic analysis of the possibilities to excavate existing municipal waste and slag landfills and to use the resources contained. The project was conducted in cooperation with various institutes of the Brunswick University of Technology, the Clausthal University of Technology, the RWTH Aachen University and other research institutes like ifeu and Öko-Institut. In addition, Tönsmeier Dienstleitung GmbH leads the project, other important partners are Arbeitsgemeinschaft Abfallentsorgungsbetrieb des Kreises Minden-Lübbecke, short AIG, and the Waste Incineration Plant Ingolstadt.

TEER concentrated on the possible energetic uses of material flows taken from landfills. Another focus was pyrolytic treatment of composite materials. For this, TEER conducted investigations at a laboratory scale as well as a pilot plant scale. AIG carried out industrial scale trials for which TEER provided scientific support, evaluation and a final assessment. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research aided the project.

Federal Ministry of Education and Research