Umweltforschungsplan: Status of Alternative Techniques for Thermal Waste Treatment



Thomas Horst



+49 241 80 90713



The report „Status of Alternative Techniques for Thermal Waste Treatment“ aims to provide and evaluate information on the state of the art of alternative thermal processes for the treatment of mixed municipal solid waste.

Subject of this report are only processes for which a relevant timespan of continuous operation could be proved. Technologies currently not in operation, but with demonstrated practicability in the recent past, have been included. In addition, some newer developments have been considered which are - according to suppliers - about to be available on the market. Yet, a certain minimum stage of development was applied as criterion for inclusion.

Besides technological maturity of waste treatment technologies, the local legal and political framework is crucial for success or failure of new technologies. For example, the widespread use of alternative thermal processes in Japan cannot be understood without knowledge of the local situation. Therefore country specific conditions are also outlined and discussed in this study.

Full text via Umweltbundesamt. The report is also available in English.