TEER develops Hybrid Dust Filter System for Biomass Furnaces


In September, a new project developing a hybrid particle filter system for biomass furnaces started at TEER. The combustion of biomass releases, among other things, particulate emissions. The 1. Federal Emission Control Act, applying for biomass furnaces between 4 kW and 50 MW, further limits the threshold for particulate matter. Thus, technical solutions for the reduction of particle emissions are needed. For existing plants that have to be modified over the coming years, only secondary measures are applicable. Retrofitting of existing plants with primary measures is often too complex and too expensive.

The operating phases of biomass furnaces define different requirements for secondary measures like filters as the composition of the dusts can vastly differ in start-up and shut-down phases. For that reason, TEER, together with three project partners, researches a combined solution of two different separation principles. Up until now, only systems with one filtration principle were considered, so an adequate particle separation could not be achieved in all operating phases. The project will investigate a combination of an electric filter and a fabric filter to reliably reduce particle emissions in all combustion phases. The project is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.