TEER supports successful "Jugend forscht" project

  Jugend forscht winners in the TEER laboratory Copyright: © Daniel Wohter

TEER is happy about the success of the Jgf-team of CFG school in Schleiden and congratulates them on winning the regional competition in Bonn!

The three young scientists (grade 8-10) studied alternative applications for slurry and explicitly investigated its use as an energy source. Instead of spreading it as slurry in the field, the three students pursued the idea of producing pellets from slurry and using them as fuel in biomass furnaces. In order to evaluate the opportunities and challenges of energetic use, the Jgf-team conducted a comprehensive fuel characterisation at TEER. Georg Grünheidt accompanied the three during their laboratory day at TEER. In addition to the elementary composition of raw material and ash, the calorific value and the ash melting behaviour of the slurry samples were investigated. Particular attention was paid to the mineral content of the combustion residues of the slurry. High potassium and phosphorus contents were considered promising for the use of the ash as fertilizer.

The TEER laboratory will be available to the team for their further work. TEER wishes continued success!

Press release of the Aachener Nachrichten