Opening of the Zukunft Bau Pop-Up Campus Aachen

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The grand opening of the Pop-up Campus Aachen took place on June 9th. The BMWSB and BBSR, together with the RWTH Aachen University and the city of Aachen, invited to Theaterstrasse 92-94. In the vacant administration building, the 'Pop-Up Campus' is created during the summer months: the premises are made accessible to research groups and the public and gets used for exhibitions, workshops, research work and events.

The Research College Verbund.NRW is setting up the Urban Sustainability Transition Lab. The interdisciplinary laboratory examines the economic and social effects of closing material cycles in the construction industry. During the exhibition on campus, the public has the opportunity to experience and try out interdisciplinary scientific research on the use and performance of recycled aggregates. Laboratory workshops are carried out with companies and interested citizens and the entire material cycle from demolition to further use as recyclate is presented. A test setup can be used to experience how the secondary materials can be used in a new and equal way and what added value they represent for the construction.

At the ceremonial opening of the campus, the campus concept was presented and there were technical impulses for the starting research activities and work on and in the building.

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