Exhibition on recycled concrete at the Zukunft Bau Pop-Up Campus


29.8. - 9.9.2022

From 29.8. to 9.9.2022, the exhibition of the projects of the Pop-Up Campus Aachen at Theaterstraße 92-94 will be open to the interested public. The former administration building will be used temporarily as an experimental space until 9 September and made accessible to research groups and the public.

Verbund.NRW focuses on the secondary raw material recycled aggregate for concrete production and its use in building construction. The exhibition on the second floor highlights the economic and social effects of closing material cycles in the construction industry. It is about the quality, performance and environmental potential of using recycled aggregates in concrete. The results of the workshop on the use of recycled building materials in the Aachen region on 18.8.2022 with companies and stakeholders from the region will be shown and the entire material cycle from demolition to reuse as recyclate will be presented. By means of a test set-up for compressive strength testing, it will be possible to witness how the secondary materials can be used in a new and equivalent way and what added value they represent for the construction method.

One of the main problems with the use of recycled concrete is that the building material is not sufficiently known by architects, engineers and builders. This prevents a demand from developing. Only through sufficient demand can the building material establish itself on the market, as has happened in Switzerland, for example. To counteract this problem, the provision of information is essential, which is also the aim of the exhibition.


Impressions of the exhibition on recycled concrete